Rate of Aging Varies Widely Among People


 It is common knowledge that while some people appear to stay youthful to an advanced age, others tend to get old rather quickly.Researchers have followed a large group of 954 people to quantify the process of their relative aging rate. All people were born within one year of each other … [Read more...]

Genetic Mapping of Prostate Cancer


Targeted therapy is a new and very promising approach to cancer treatment. As the name suggests, targeted drugs aim at particular cancer-specific processes thus helping to eliminate only cancer cells and leave the healthy cells unaffected.Compared to traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapy is … [Read more...]

Link between Day of Birth and Health


Interesting and unusual findings were recently published by a group of researchers from Columbia University. Using high-throughput computational methods, the scientists analyzed the health records of 1.7 million patients from New York trying to find any connections between their date of birth and … [Read more...]

How Alirocumab Works


Alirocumab (Praluent) reduces blood cholesterol level. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that are found mostly in animal products. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol or LDL-cholesterol is the most important factor contributing to the hardening of vessels, heart attack and stroke. Let me … [Read more...]