Touchscreen Phones do Change our Brain!

brain-touch screen- phone

  The increasing use of digital technology in everyday life causes many people to worry about its impact on our health. These concerns are reflected by the growing number of research publications investigating the influence of mobile phones and computers on various components of our … [Read more...]

Understanding Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

hypoglycemia-low blood sugar

Did it happen to you that one day you felt weak and tired and somebody told you that these symptoms could be related to low blood sugar? I have received many questions about symptoms that are related to low blood sugar and how we could make sure that these unwanted symptoms don’t happen … [Read more...]

Does flu shot really work?


Annual flu jab is considered as a normal health care practice by many people but discarded as a waste of time by many others. It is well known that the flu shot are not perfect: they are based on the antibodies developed against the versions of influenza virus that were circulating in the course of … [Read more...]

DASH Diet: The Essentials


DASH Diet Dash diet is the eating plan based on research studies sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). These data have shown that an eating plan based on DASH was able to reduce hypertension and blood LDL (harmful) cholesterol. Blood triglyceride levels (fatty acids) … [Read more...]

Do Saturated Fats Make us Unhealthy?


It may go against the conventional logic, but scientists are increasingly convinced that the consumption of saturated fats and the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases are not linked, at least directly. A newly published review on this subject covers the results of almost 80 other studies … [Read more...]

Gestational Diabetes

diabetes- gestational-pregnancy

Approximately four weeks ago, one of my patients was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I met her couple of weeks ago. She had many questions about this condition. I later decided to put the main part of our discussion on paper. Hopefully, this review will help you to understand this form of … [Read more...]