Benefits of Fish Oil

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Lowering low density lipoproteins (LDL-cholesterol) can significantly reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Many medications, including statins, have been reported in numerous studies to be very effective in lowering LDL-cholesterol. Lowering LDL-cholesterol and … [Read more...]

Coffee Drinking Preserves the Health of Arteries

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There are few drinks as contradictory as coffee. For many years, the beverage was blamed for a variety of problems including an increased risk of various cardiovascular problems. Its consumption is still actively discouraged by many medical professionals. However, more recent scientific … [Read more...]

What is HDL?

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  HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is one of the cholesterol carriers in our body. This kind of lipoproteins are commonly known as “good cholesterol” and it builds up around 20 to 30% of total blood cholesterol. As you already know, fat is not water soluble. Therefore, to … [Read more...]

Foods High in Potassium


    Potassium is one of the essential minerals in our body. One of the ways we can increase our blood potassium level is to consume higher amount of foods that are high in potassium.   To understand the importance of potassium to our body and health, I would suggest reading … [Read more...]

Foods High in Cholesterol


  One of the ways to prevent a high blood cholesterol level is to reduce the consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol to begin with. There are common foods that we know and enjoy on a regular basis that contain a greater amount of cholesterol than others. In this article, I’d like … [Read more...]

The Largest Genetic Map of Obesity is Created


Obesity and the genes It is no secret that our personal genetic makeup plays a significant role in how our body stores and/or burns fat. Many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight even on the strictest of diets while others don’t gain any additional pounds when they eat whatever they … [Read more...]

Red Wine Linked to Lower Incidence of Cancer

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  Certain types of cancers, such as liver cancer and cancer of the head and neck, are known to be associated with the excessive consumption of alcohol. However, recent research demonstrated that some chemicals found in red wine can help to reduce the cancer risk. Alcohol and particularly … [Read more...]

Late Night Eating Facilitates Weight Gain


Overall caloric intake and the quality of diet are not the only factors that may result in  weight gain. It is well known that the timing of food intake is also important. Dietitians and the physicians often recommend avoiding the consumption of food before going to sleep and restricting food … [Read more...]

eReaders and Tablets could Cause Sleep Deprivation


There is no doubt that our modern lifestyle disturbs our normal sleeping patterns and sometimes results in sleep deprivation. Working night shifts, late partying and simply watching television late at night takes a toll on the quality of sleep and, consequently, our general health. However, it … [Read more...]