Does Garlic Help Cold Symptoms?

garlic, common cold, respiratory infection

Many of you are probably big fans of garlic in your food or on a piece of fresh bread. Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used in Mediterranean and Asian cooking for hundreds of years. Throughout the ages, this plant was utilized for medicinal purposes and more recently as a pest repellent. Several … [Read more...]

Why is Multiple Sclerosis More Common in Women?

multiple sclerosis, MS, women

Multiple sclerosis is a serious illness that affects a significant number of people worldwide. The disease damages brain cells eventually resulting in problems with muscle movement, vision and balance. Scientists were not sure about the nature of this disease for a very long time. However, recently … [Read more...]

6 Medications Causing Unexplained Cough

medications, drugs, causing cough

In my clinical practice, I see many patients who have been suffering from long- term and continuous cough despite expensive work ups, including referrals to specialists and tests. One of the most overseen cause of long-term cough is prescription medications. It is imperative that you as a patient … [Read more...]

Does Tamiflu Work Against Flu?

flu, tamiflu, vaccine, shot

A new review published by the Cochrane Collaboration group added fresh controversy to the turbulent history of the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu. It claims that Tamiflu is inefficient and works no better than paracetamol (equivalent to Tylenol) against the flu. Flu is a challenging problem to … [Read more...]

“Young blood” and Aging

Young, Aging, Heart, Memory

The search for the elixir of youth is a never-ending saga in the history of science. Despite the impressive recent progress in our understanding of the process of aging, we still don’t have any effective methods of delaying, not to mention reversing, the inevitable age-related decline of physical … [Read more...]

Diabetes in Plain English

diabetes, diagnosis, HbA1c, Glucose, Sugar

What is diabetes and how does it develop? Quite probably, some of you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, and, many of you who don’t have this disease would like to prevent it. But before you’re able to manage or prevent diabetes successfully, you must have complete knowledge about this … [Read more...]

Caloric Restriction may Increase Longevity


Caloric restriction and low-calorie diets are claimed to have multiple benefits for health and longevity. While the advantages of placing certain restrictions on the amounts of food consumed are well known, the proof that such restrictions can boost longevity is much harder to obtain. Most of the … [Read more...]

Lack of Sleep Kills Brain Cells

brain, damage, sleep, deprivation

The effect of sleep deprivation, the lack of a proper night sleep, is well known. It causes chronic fatigue, enhances stress, and is linked to various illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases. In the long run, it can even increase the risk of certain cancers. Unfortunately, the chaotic pattern of … [Read more...]

BMI: What you should Know!

BMI-Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the most commonly known values related to our health and bodies in our society. Almost everybody has checked their BMI in the past. How about you? Do you know your BMI? You might not believe it but I haven’t checked my BMI for many years. I know, you may think … [Read more...]