Gestational Diabetes

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Approximately four weeks ago, one of my patients was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I met her couple of weeks ago. She had many questions about this condition. I later decided to put the main part of our discussion on paper. Hopefully, this review will help you to understand this form of … [Read more...]

Calculate Your Stroke Risk


  You are a high risk patient if your total risk score is more than two (2). Please discuss preventive measures with your physician as soon as possible.   What is stroke? Stroke is defined as a sudden brain injury that is a result of a reduced blood flow to the brain. Blood delivers … [Read more...]

Stem Cells may Help to Cure Diabetes

diabetes-stem cells

Diabetes is a large and growing problem that causes serious concerns to patients and consumes enormous resources from the healthcare system. Although the condition can be well managed, the cure for the disease remains elusive. However, with the development of new stem cell technologies, this may … [Read more...]

Flu Shot, 8 Things to Know

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Influenza infection caused by influenza types A and B is one of the most serious respiratory infections. The seasonal flu shot protects against three to four common influenza viruses for each upcoming season. Almost 5-20% of United States population is infected with the this virus and around 200,000 … [Read more...]

Brain Stimulation may Enhance Memory


Enhancing the brain’s ability and memory is something that most people would consider highly desirable. Unfortunately, none of the methods tested so far have been successful or long-lasting enough. And even when some temporary enhancement of mental capabilities was achieved with the use of certain … [Read more...]

Artificial Sweeteners: What are they?

Artificial sweeteners, non-caloric sweeteners, sugar substitute

  Many of you have tried the so called “diet” drinks instead of classic sugary drinks.  There is no secret that people are looking to limit their daily calorie intake. To be able to respond to consumers requests and limit the calories in variety of foods including drinks, the food industry … [Read more...]

Sleep and Brain: Why can we hear the Alarm Clock?


Despite the progress of the biological and medical sciences in recent decades, we still have no answer to a seemingly simple question: why do we need to sleep? Multiple theories try to explain the phenomenon of sleep, but none is fully satisfactory so far. The question is not entirely academic – … [Read more...]

Link between Blood Group and Memory

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It is well known that our cognitive abilities and memory can be affected by a deficient blood supply to the brain. This is not surprising because the lack of an adequate blood supply means a lack of oxygen and nutrients needed for the brain cells to perform their functions normally. The exact … [Read more...]